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Every project that Thermmax tackles is given full engineering and project management support.

Customized Environmental Chambers

Tailored to Your Requirements: Thermmax designs and builds Environmental Chambers to meet your specific needs. Whether you have unique specifications or require a solution similar to a previous project, we leverage our years of facility design experience to create a customized and efficient solution for you.

Expertly Designed: With our extensive knowledge and experience as an environmental room manufacturer, we ensure that your controlled-environment room or chamber is expertly designed. This includes precise control over temperature, ensuring that your environment meets the necessary standards for your application.

Cold Room

Built for Precision: Thermmax specializes in providing precisely-controlled cold rooms. This means that the environmental conditions within the chamber can be fine-tuned to meet the exact requirements of your project. Whether you need specific temperature ranges, humidity control, or other environmental factors, we have the expertise to deliver a solution that meets your expectations.
A Valuable Project Asset: Choosing Thermmax means making our knowledge and experience your project’s major asset. We understand the intricacies of environmental chamber design and construction, and we bring this expertise to bare on every project. This ensures that your controlled-environmental room not only meets but exceeds your expectations in terms of functionality, efficiency, and reliability.
Reliable and Efficient: Thermmax is committed to delivering reliable and efficient solutions. We understand the importance of maintaining stable environmental conditions for various applications, and our designs reflect this commitment to reliability. Your new controlled-environmental chamber will be built to perform consistently and efficiently, meeting the demands of every specific project.
Supported by Years of Experience: With Thermmax, you benefit from our many years of experience in facility design. We may have already designed an environmental room similar to your needs, giving us valuable insights into the best practices and optimal solutions for your project.

In summary, Thermmax ensures that your new controlled-environmental chamber is tailored to your requirements, expertly designed and built for precision.

Life Science Applications

Cold Room

Industrial Institutional Applications:

Thermmax Scientific Products provides:

Engineering, design, and manufacturing of environmental rooms & chambers. Installation & service of a full range of rooms from simple cold rooms for reliable storage to validated, precisely-controlled temperature/humidity rooms for laboratory applications and research as well as Class one, Division one industrial and chemical testing and storage.

Industrial Institutional Applications:

Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing:
Thermmax Scientific Products provides expertise in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of environmental rooms and chambers. This includes tailoring solutions to meet specific requirements and utilizing their experience in facility design.

  •  Installation & Service:
    Thermmax offers installation services for a full range of rooms, ensuring that the designed environmental chambers are set up correctly and efficiently. Additionally, Thermmax provides ongoing service and support to maintain optimal functionality.

    Variety of Environmental Rooms:
    Thermmax covers a broad spectrum of environmental rooms, ranging from cold rooms to warm rooms with varying customizable humidity ranges. These precisely-controlled temperature/humidity rooms are suitable for various applications, including laboratory use, research, and industrial testing.

    The environmental rooms provided by Thermmax cater to diverse applications, including:

      • Laboratory applications
      • Pharmaceutical research
      • Critical warehouse cold storage
      • Stability test rooms
      • Blood banks
      • Plasma freezers
      • Warm room incubators

        Quality Assurance:
        Thermmax Scientific Products emphasizes the importance of validated and precisely-controlled environmental conditions. This commitment is crucial for applications in laboratory settings, research, and industrial testing where maintaining specific temperature and humidity levels is paramount.

        Specialized Solutions:
        The company’s offerings extend to specialized solutions such as stability test rooms, critical storage for blood banks, and plasma freezers. These applications require precise environmental control to ensure the integrity of stored materials.

In summary, Thermmax Scientific Products stands out as a comprehensive provider in the field, offering a full range of services from design to installation and servicing. Their diverse range of environmental rooms caters to various industries and applications, reflecting a commitment to quality, precision, and reliability in environmental control systems.

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