Condensing Units


All Thermmax Condensing units are specifically designed, engineered, and manufactured to achieve excellent thermal performance. The Systems include a semi-hermetic, heavy-duty industrial compressor with motor protection and oil safety control. Also provided are high-low pressure safety cutouts, high-pressure receiver, sight glass, moisture indicator, dryer, suction accumulator, and thermal expansion valve. The refrigeration systems have full capacity control to operate continuously regardless of the control system demand. This is achieved with a temperature controlled fully modulating bypass system design.
The systems may be locally mounted on top of the Environmental Rooms or remotely located on the building roof, exterior pad, or in an equipment room area. Units may also be Air or Water-cooled depending on the project requirements. Water cooled units can be operated on Tower or chilled water systems using a water regulator control.

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Redundant Refrigeration Systems

In some critical applications, Redundant Systems are provided. This includes two complete refrigeration systems, which are switched back and forth periodically on a cycle timer. The switching allows equal wear and assures the user that both systems are fully functional. In the event of a failure the standby system is automatically brought online to fully maintain temperature and conditions. Because of the full redundancy the defective system can be corrected without disturbing the Environmental Room operation.