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Whether you require repairs, qualification, or scheduled calibrations and preventive maintenance for your environmental chambers, Thermmax is well-equipped to meet your needs promptly, professionally, reliably, and within budget. It is important to note that while many of the components of your environmental chambers are somewhat commonplace in the HVAC field, each Thermmax environmental system is designed and engineered to unique operational specifications.
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Our Experience

We have extensive experience dealing with these diverse setups, procedures, and industrial applications for environmental chambers. Notably, we stand out as one of the few service providers that not only offer services but also manufacture chambers featuring various systems, including compressor systems, thermoelectric systems, boiler systems, ultrasonic humidity systems, vapor systems, diverse lighting systems, gas systems, and sizes ranging from bench-top to large rooms. This broad expertise allows us to effectively work with most makes of chambers, providing comprehensive solutions for your environmental chamber needs.

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