Construction Highlights for Modular Controlled Environment Rooms

LEED Compliant construction available on request.


Modular Environmental Rooms are constructed from a flexible system of foamed in-place polyurethane panels. Surfaces are lined with corrosion-free metal finishes that are attractive and durable. The panels are locked together with camlock fasteners providing a tight vapor seal. Each panel is made with tongue and groove edges and uses a soft vinyl gasket for the seal. The non-hygroscopic insulation is foamed with non-CFC Freon gas and provides an overall U factor of 0.029 and R factor of 32.

The final room assembly offers a fire-safe construction that is UL listed. Entrance doors are flush with the outside front wall and are provide with a brushed or chrome hardware finish.

 The internal safety release prevents anyone from being trapped inside the room. Observation windows, ramps, ports, and special floor finishes are standard options.

Finishes - Many panel finishes are available on steel and aluminum base metal skins:


Standard and custom from small step-ins to large warehouses; modular design allows customer to determine the best fit.

Air Flow

Ceiling mounted plenums allow maximum floor space but still provide low noise and well distributed air patterns. Wall mounted vertical plenums utilizing full-ceiling air distribution ceiling system provide maximum air temperature uniformity and minimal stratification within the modular environmental room.


Copeland semi-hermetic condensing units with true proportional contol uses minimum energy and maximum contol stabilities; only NON-CFC Refrigerants are used. Five-year warranties are available.� Redundant backup refrigeration systems are available options.

Other Services

Condensing Units

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